Show-Stopping Desserts to Try This Christmas

 They look good, they taste spectacular – and they are the kind of dessert that everyone wants to have on their Christmas table. If you are out of ideas this festive season, here are a few desserts to help you mix it up.


Passionfruit CheeseLova: Have you ever been forced to choose between cheesecake and pavlova? Well, not anymore. By putting a very creamy and delicious passionfruit cheesecake over a tasty Pavlova base, not only do you combine what is arguably the best of both worlds, you create a unique festive dish your guests won’t soon forget.

Santa Hat Brownies: Regular brownies are extremely underrated when it comes to deserts – so, let’s make them look festive and give them a hat. All you need is some cream and a few strawberries – but when you put them on a plate, nobody will be able to resist the festive take on a classic desert.

Malteaser Pavlova: There’s no Christmas without Pavlova – which is why a combo of a deliciously crafted Pavlova, crushed Malteasers and chocolate whipped cream is definitely something that you want on your list this festive season. There isn’t a guest that could turn away from this one, the only problem is not being able to cook enough of it!

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